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How to travel

Serviced area

The City of Brno and its surroundings are serviced by an integrated public transport system with unified travel tickets. The serviced area is divided into several tariff zones. An overview of the serviced area may be found at



Before each journey, the traveller must purchase a ticket. The validity of a ticket is time and zone limited. The ticket is valid from the moment it is signed for a period specified on it and only in those tariff zones marked on the ticket. All tickets are transfer. The ticket must be signed immediately after boarding a vehicle. During changing, tickets can't be further signed.


24-hour ticket is the best way for the whole family to know the regional capital - City of Brno in one day. This ticket is valid in the zones 100 and 101 for 24 hours since the punching. This ticket can be used as the Family Ticket at the weekends. Maximally two people above 15 and three children under 15 can travel with only one 24-hour ticket. At the weekdays only one person can use this ticket. There are also 5, 14 and 30 days tickets.


For a longer stay in South Moravia or Brno and for a larger quantity of rides, it's economically favourable to buy a long-term ticket. At the railway stations, sales outlets (but not vending machines or newsstands) it is possible to purchase passes with coupons for 1 month, 3 months, or the whole year. You'll need a passport-size photo (size 3.5 x 4.5 cm) and an identity card or passport for the issue of pass. The validity of pass is determined by data on a coupon. Being a fare dodger is an expensive variant. We have plainclothes inspectors who can ask for your ticket at any time. We are permitted to fine those traveling without a valid travel certificate the sum of 40 EUR - on the spot!


Thank you very much for your patronage, and we wish you a happy journey and a pleasant stay in Sity of Brno.


A ... ticket number
B ... type of ticket
C ... time validity of ticket
D ... zone validity of ticket
E ... how tickets are used
F ... price
G ... print for marking:

1 ... symbol of carrier
2 ... vehicle number
3 ... line
4 ... zone
5 ... date of punching (day, month and the two last digits of year)
6 ... time of punching (h:min)

For most journeys around Brno, a two-zone ticket for 60 minutes will be sufficient. For a longer stay, one-day or three-day tickets for zones 100+101 are offered for an attractive price.


Boarding and getting off

On lines 1-99, all doors may be used for boarding and getting off. On lines No. 100 plus, boarding is possible only through the front door (close to driver). In most tramways and trolley-buses, the doors are opened by the passengers themselves. A timely pressing of the button in the vehicle also signals the driver to stop at request.


Other features in the vehicle

  • doors for pushchairs/prams, bicycles, extra large luggage
  • emergency break


Lost Property

Should you lose anything when travelling, ask any driver for assistance. All found items are deposited, the following day, at Lost and Found Office, Malinovského nám. 3, tel. No. +420 542 173 012


Service of low-floor vehicles

Vehicles with low-floor carriages are marked in their time tables displayed at the stops (also available in the Inquiry office of DPMB a.s.)


Queries, complaints

The staff in our Inquiry Office will be happy to answer any query regarding the public transport operation. Complaints should be sent to the Complaints Department.
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