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Tickets are sold at:

  • Ticket vending machines at transport hubs and important stops
  • DPMB outlets
  • tobacconists
  • post offices
  • railway stations
  • drivers (limited range and higher price)
  • SMS tickets
  • through mobile applications SEJF (

For longer stays it is recommended to purchase a pass (you will need a passport photo): Passes may be purchased at DPMB outlets

Fares - extract from the IDS JMK pricelist

Valid within the IDS JMK system from 1 Feb 2014 All prices are in CZK and include discounted VAT. 

Further information on Integrated Transport and Tariff System (IDS JMK)

The IDS JMK tariffs apply for tram, trolley-bus and bus lines operated within the IDS JMK system as well as for passenger and fast trains and selected express trains in tariff-integrated sections of railway lines operated by Czech Railways.

IDS JMK tariffs valid from February 2014
IDS JMK contractual transport conditions valid from February 2014
IDS JMK fare pricelist valid from February 2014

Detail information on IDS JMK:

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