The course for obtaining a professional certificate of driving instructor

The holder of a professional certificate may be a person who:
  • finished secondary education with graduation exam, or in the case of teacher training in driving vehicles or teaching practical vehicle maintenance, machinery completed secondary education or transportation sector,
  • reached the age of 24
  • with positive results underwent traffic psychological examination; traffic psychological examination carried out by individuals who provide services in the field of psychological counseling by a special legal předpisu2b) or juridical persons, where the traffic psychological counseling activity, (hereinafter referred to as "transport psychologist")
  • completed basic training and examination demonstrated knowledge of the rules of the road, on conditions for operating vehicles on roads, on the acquisition and improvement of professional competence for driving and knowledge of the operation and maintenance vehicles, driving and safe driving vehicles, including vehicles designed customized to a disabled person; When it comes to teaching the rules of the road and control theory and principles of safe driving, that person must be a holder of a driving license for a category of vehicle for the acquisition of school teachers,
  • that has no judicial or administrative authority imposed a ban from driving and that in the last three years was not such a punishment.
Make training a person who:
  • meets the conditions specified in paragraph 2. a) to e) of Act 247/2000 Coll., and
  • at least three years held the driving license for a category of vehicle for which performs training.