Extending professional capacity

Extending professional capacity - initial training

A driver who has completed the initial training of category C1, C1 + E, C and C + E and planning to drive a vehicle whose management authorizes a driving license for category D1, D1 + E, D and D + E, and vice versa, shall be subjected to only special part of education and training for the new group (45 hours).

Conditions for admission to the expansion induction training

Operator training center may take to teaching and training in the context of an expanding initial training unless that person:

  • who submits a written application
  • holds a driving license in the category of vehicle or participating in education and training to its acquisition
  • holds professional qualifications acquired on the basis of initial training for category C1, C1 + E, C and C + E, D1, D1 + E, D and D + E.

Dates and prices

Dates of training according to individual agreement – see Contacts

Prices – see Pricing and training courses