Training of drivers of official vehicles

  • The obligation to attend driver training and validation of knowledge resulting from the Act no. 262/2006 Coll., The Labour Code, as amended, applies to all employees who are physically driving the vehicle.
  • In practice, this includes also the employee who drives a vehicle on a business trip, regardless of whether it will be a driving service or private, but also for example for employees who will be in the performance of work to drive a vehicle onto the utility road in an enclosed space or object.
  • Labour Code § 103. 2 obliges the employer to "provide employees with training on legal and other regulations for ensuring occupational safety and health that complements their professional qualifications and requirements for performance of work relating to the work they perform and refer to the risks to which the employee may come into contact in the workplace, where work is performed, and continuously require and control their observance ".

The conditions for admission to the training:

  • A valid driving license
  • A valid identity card

Dates and prices

Dates training according to individual agreement - see Contacts

Prices - see Price courses and training .