Travel Assistant

This service, provided by Brno Local Public Transport Authority (Dopravní podnik města Brna, a. s.), Hlinky 151, 656 46 Brno,
was broadened on 1. 9. 2010 to include the following group: parent + three and more of that parent’s own children or children in his/her charge.

What is a Travel Assistant?

Personal assistance is provided to customers requiring of assistance when travelling on local public transport in Brno operated by DPMB, a.s., for example the elderly or physically handicapped passengers and parents accompanying three or more children of pre-school age. A Travel Assistant also provides on-the-move information services regarding changes to the organisation of transport, at the beginning and end of major service closures or during extraordinary service closures, when DPMB employees inform passengers about alternative transport options or about other changes at the stops affected.

Travel Assistant – services provided

Accompanying passengers when travelling on local public transport within Brno, i.e. from the departure stop to the destination stop of the journey, including changes, if this journey connects to onward use of local public transport. This includes personal assistance when boarding, moving around the vehicle and getting off, looking for connections, help in adhering to contractual terms and conditions of travel, providing information about the journey en-route, dealing with unexpected situations for the passenger etc.
The service is provided for a journey specified in advance on work days from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., outwith this time subject to agreement.

For whom is a Travel Assistant intended?

  • holders of ZTP and ZTP/P disability cards
  • persons older than 75 years of age
  • parents with three or more of their own children or children in their charge, in that at least three of these children must be of pre-school age
  • On-the-move information services are intended for the general public.

    Where can you order the services of a Travel Assistant?

    The service must be ordered 24 hours in advance, on work days between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m., by phoning 543 171 350.

    How much does a Travel Assistant cost?

    The assistance service is provided to persons with a valid travel ticket without any further charge.

    Procedure in accompanying the elderly and disabled, parents with children:

  • Order by telephone a minimum of 24 hours in advance.
  • The customer arranges the details of the order with the Travel Assistant dispatcher – the time, boarding stop and destination of the journey for which assistance is required – and the dispatcher provides the customer with the Assistant’s service number.
  • The customer tells the Travel Assistant dispatcher his/her name and telephone number in case there is a change to the service.
  • The Assistant meets the customer at the agreed time at the agreed stop (in the required direction of travel), unless agreed otherwise.
  • In the case of parents travelling with children, the parent takes legal responsibility for the children for the entire duration of travel! Parents are informed of this condition in advance.
  • DPMB, a.s., reserves the right to refuse to provide or end assistance for anyone who does not comply with the terms and conditions for the provision of the assistance service and in the case that there is no available Assistant at the required time.
  • The Assistant acts as an authorised person of the transport operator on local public transport.