Excursions for schools

We are again offering all schools the opportunity to take a free tour of Brno Public Transport Authority (DPMB, a.s.) with special commentary. Schools are able to choose from three of our depots:

Komín trolley bus depot

As part of this tour, children take a trolley bus ride around the whole complex, including both floors of the main building, stopping off along the way to see the hall at which trolley buses are cared for during the day, the light and heavy maintenance hall and other specialised workshops. They will learn about the function of the main vehicle storage batteries and how these are maintained. The trolley bus then takes them up a ramp to the first floor, where the children can have a look round some modern, and perhaps even historic, trolley buses. They will learn about the function of trolley switch points and about everything the driver’s work involves. Our guides – experts from the trolley bus depot – will answer all questions that might be asked of them.

Further information about a tour of this depot is available from Mr. Ovečka, tel.: 543 173 126. You can reach the depot using lines 1, 3, 11 and 67, alighting at Vozovna Komín.

Medlánky tram depot

Come and take a look round the places at which trams undergo maintenance and repairs and see the tram wash. You will find out about the parts that make up a tram and how the important parts work.

Further information about the tour is available from Mr. Žídek, tel.: 543 171 433 or 543 172 511.

You can reach the depot by taking lines 1, 42 or 70 to Hudcova or lines 41 or 71 to Vozovna Medlánky.

Slatina bus depot

Here we will show you the daily routine of caring for buses, what is involved in regular inspections and how individual storage batteries are repaired. You will also see the diagnostics hall, how diesel engine emissions are measured and the body shop.

Information about a tour of this depot is available from Mr. Pluháček, tel.: 543 176 159. You can reach the depot by taking line 33 or 75 to Černovičky.

Tours begin at 8:30 and 10:00 am and last around 60 minutes. A maximum of 30 pupils are permitted on one tour. We require that groups of over 15 pupils be accompanied by 2 supervising teachers. One supervising teacher is enough for groups of up to 15 pupils.

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Before the tour begins, the responsible supervising teacher must confirm that those taking the tour have been acquainted with the principles of taking the tour. The relevant document is available from the place of the tour or can be downloaded here ...