The installation of electronic information boards at tram stops


A call for applications for grants in the sphere of transport telematics was announced in September 2012 as part of the Regional Operation Programme South-East. Such transport telematics include information boards for passengers on local public transport, installed only at important travel junctions. The transport authority used this opportunity, prepared a project and lodged an application.


After holding a tender to find a company to supply information boards and install connections, a total of 55 electronic information boards (“EIB”) were installed at thirty selected local public transport stops in Brno: 52 of these were installed at stops themselves and three boards were installed at Brno Public Transport Authority dispatching centre, used to enter information in the system. Passengers will come across the new boards on the following tram routes: Mendlovo náměstí - Bystrc Ečerova; Židovský hřbitov – Stránská skála, smyčka; Vsetínská – Dunajská (towards Starý Lískovec); Čertova rokle - Lesná and Bohunická – Tyršova (towards Modřice).


The information boards are designed to display information about departure times for all vehicles incorporated in the South Moravian Region Integrated Public Transport System, meaning trams, trolley buses and buses. Information about the current position of all these vehicles is available from the RIS DPMB system (the controlling information system) and from CEDRIS, central dispatching for the South Moravian Region, from where data is exported to evaluating software and then to the “control system for EIB” module, which is used to control information boards. In addition to information about up-to-date departures, the boards also show information about any transport alterations, this information being sent by an employee at dispatching in text format. The dispatcher is also able to use boards to send spoken announcements to passengers waiting at a stop.


The acquisition and installation of these 55 new information boards cost a total of almost ten million Czech koruna. The grant from the Regional Operational Programme, meanwhile, was CZK 8,324,305.



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