Modernising the fleet of rail vehicles – buying low-level trams


The aim of the project was to buy nine new high-capacity, low-level trams in order to improve the quality of tram transport in Brno, increase the level of comfort in travelling by local public transport and broaden the availability of public transport to people with lower levels of mobility. A project application for the provision of a grant from Regional Operational Programme NUTS II South-East was prepared in April and May 2008. As part of this programme, a call for proposals was announced for the provision of grants for the modernisation of local public transport rail vehicles.


Příprava žádosti nebyla nijak jednoduchá a muselo v ní naplnit mnoho specifických požadavků, kladených na projekty požadující dotaci z Evropských fondů. Finální žádost se všemi přílohami, včetně dokumentů, které muselo nejdříve schválit Zastupitelstvo města Brna na svém zasedání, byla na konci června odevzdána na Úřad Regionální rady regionu soudržnosti Jihovýchod k posouzení.


A meeting of the Committee of the Regional Board for Cohesion Region South-East on 7th October 2008 approved the project for entry into a contract on the provision of a grant for the purchase of 9 Škoda 13T low-level trams. The grant approved was CZK 498,399,250, covering 92.5 % of the cost of the trams. A contract was signed at the beginning of 2009.


All nine trams were delivered to the Medlánky depot in May and June and successively put into regular operation after conducting all mandatory technical and safety tests.


The implementation stage of the project was completed in August 2009 with the sending of a final monitoring report to the Office of the Regional Board. This, however, was not the end of the project – the operation of the trams had to be evaluated by 2014 from the perspective of their sufficient usage and with this the effective investment of the grant money provided. The project helped considerably in modernising the fleet of trams, a process that will naturally continue with the purchase of new trams and the continuation of economically favourable and operationally tried-and-tested reconstruction and renovation of older vehicles.



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