Modernising the fleet of vehicles - buying low-level articulated trolley-buses for local public transport in Brno

Another project at DPMB, a.s. (Brno Public Transport Authority), jointly financed by EU funds as part of the Regional Operational Programme NUTS 2 South-East is the project entitled "Modernisation of the fleet of vehicles – the purchase of low-level articulated trolley buses for local public transport in Brno". The project involves the purchase of 30 low-level articulated trolley buses for local public transport in Brno, the submitter and implementer of the project being Dopravní podnik města Brna, a.s. The maximum possible grant of CZK 329.8 million would cover 85 % of the total cost of the project if paid in full. The project was approved within the regime of final calls for proposals, in that the grant is paid gradually depending on the balance of allocated funds in the relevant programme. A grant of CZK 100 million has been paid out so far.

After the call for proposals was announced, DPMB immediately grasped the opportunity to significantly modernise its fleet of trolley buses and prepared a project application based on experience of previous projects. After considering its factual accuracy and benefits, the project was approved by the South-East Regional Board for financing within the operational grant programme. ŠKODA ELECTRIC a.s. was subsequently chosen as the supplier of 30 articulated trolley buses based on a tender. The company delivered 30 model 31 Tr triple-axle, low-level articulated trolley buses of 18 metres in length. ŠKODA ELECTRIC manufactures the electric parts of the trolley bus, including the traction engine. SOR LIBCHAVY s.r.o., meanwhile, is responsible for making the mechanical part of the trolley bus (the body of the vehicle).

All the trolley buses bought as part of the project, jointly funded by the European Union, are now used by passengers on local public transport in Brno.


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