The strategy at Brno Public Transport Authority for the period 2016 to 2020

The year 2015 was the final year of the strategy adopted by company management for the period 2012 to 2015. A sufficient number of sub-activities were successfully implemented in relation to all main tasks of the strategy to ensure that the required objective of the task was achieved. The most important activities include the adaptation of some of our buses to run on CNG, the significant updating of the fleet of vehicles, extensive reconstruction of track and rail infrastructure and active involvement in research projects within EU programmes (Civitas, Actuate etc.). Over 600 million koruna was obtained from EU funds and there is still the possibility of drawing up to one billion koruna for other projects which have been completed and fully approved in the event that money is left over in the Regional Operational Programme South-East grant account.

The company’s strategy is a tool used to create the conditions in which DPMB can exist and continue to develop into the future. It is a clear mission which expresses the scope of activity, vision and strategic objective, realised using the main tasks of the strategy. The strategy is therefore a long-term concept for the realisation of the sub-tasks set for the strategy in significant areas of management at DPMB, a.s.

The strategy for the period 2016 to 2020 can be expressed in simple graphic format.

  • Mission: To provide all people living in Brno and visitors to the city with safe, quality and effective local public transport.
  • Vision: DPMB is a stable and strong company, a prestigious and responsible operator and employer, standing at the forefront of municipal companies in Brno and having a stable position with the transport system in the city of Brno.
  • Strategic objective: To ensure the company mission in an ever-increasing quality and with maximum economic effectiveness whilst using all available personnel-related and material resources and emphasising modern and innovative procedures and technology.


MISSION – expresses the main areas of focus, the sense and reason for existence, why and for what DPMB, a.s., was created.

VISION – an important motivating element within strategic management. All managers and all employees should be able to identify with this vision, which must at the same time inspire them in a positive way in their work efforts. In this case, it is appropriate to build the vision on tradition.

STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE – assumes the establishment of a functioning system of continual improvement of all activities with the use of all available resources.

In order to achieve the strategy at DPMB for the period 2016 to 2010, the board of directors of the company and senior management approved strategic tasks thematically-oriented according to the content of activity at subdivisions administered by individual managers. These they approved in January 2016.

All tasks satisfy the three fundamental directions of strategic development at DPMB as announced by the Director General of the company:

  • Purposeful, effective and economical channelling of money into areas with the obligation of providing a public service.
  • Setting new operating, economic, technical and personnel-related parameters in the activity carried out, with the aim of achieving the maximum effectiveness of processes and productivity of work, whilst maintaining social conciliation.
  • Observing the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), representing the voluntary undertaking to act responsibly to the surrounding environment and to society itself within the bounds of its work. We therefore have to set high ethical standards for DPMB activity, minimise negative impacts on the environment, cultivate good relations with our own employees and actively support the region in which we work. The basis propositions of relations between DPMB and all involved parties are declared through quality policies.

A full document describing the strategy for the period 2016 to 2020, divided into individual sub-tasks and detailing which specific divisions are responsible for what and the follow-up activities to ensure achievement, will be available to all employees on the intranet once the strategy has been discussed by city bodies.