Press Releases


Tisková konference ke změnám jízdních řádů
Speciální tramvaj ošetří trolejové vedení proti namrzání
Na Brněnské přehradě skončila 72. plavební sezóna, ovlivnilo ji sucho i babí léto
V Brně vyjel do ulic první autobus poháněný bioplynem z odpadní vody
Tisková konference Dopravního podniku města Brna, a.s. 19. září 2018
Brno has 160 CNG buses
It is not all that complicated ... the DPMB campaign now also has a video format
New vehicle for SENIOR BUS
Operation of public city transport over the holidays
Historical trams and trolleybuses will head out into the streets
The transport company started grinding rail tracks
Transport Nostalgia and Open Day in the Medlánky depot
DPMB began to test a new interactive sign
Reconstruction of tram lines - summer 2018
Fines can be paid via e-shop or directly in the vehicle
The transport company will support secondary school student with scholarships
The 72nd boating season is starting on the Brno Reservoir
DPMB is commencing the reconstruction of the tram lines
DPMB is increasing the contribution for driver recruitment to as much as CZK 100,000
DPMB will acquire its first dynamic charging trolleybuses
Over a thousand stowaways used the amnesty of DPMB
In 2017, the number of road traffic accidents of DPMB vehicle has decreased
The Brno trams are less noisy thanks to lubrication
The EOC system offers online student discount verification


The preparations for winter are culminating in DPMB
The tram is reminiscent of the approaching anniversary of the public city transport
The reconstruction of Křenova Street will be completed on Monday
DPMB is launching a campaign called a #jezdimpoctive
The 71st boating season is ending on the weekend
More space for the blind and their dogs in public city transport
The number of fines paid in cars is increasing thanks to terminals (among others)
The electronic tariff card is used by almost 25 % of passengers
The announced installation of additional guiding elements will take place on Saturday
The holiday operation is ending. The work on Křenová will commence in mid-September
The environment and financial savings. They have started to sort PET bottles at DPMB.
DPMB is breaking down barriers. It is now offering a coach bus for wheelchair users.
The track grinding work has yielded results. The greatest noise reduction is on the streets Křenová and Purkyňova
Historical trams and trolleybuses are heading out into the streets. Take a ride on the H4 or H24 line
The reconstruction of the tram lines begins from 1 July. The work on Křenová Street will be postponed
Transport nostalgia: historic vehicles, retro T2 and Open Day in the Komín depot
The transport company is launching a new application. It will make travel easier and help with purchasing tickets.
The SENIOR BUS service will be provided by a third vehicle
DPMB will increase surveillance around the main transport hubs
There will be music in the trams. The Šalina Music Tour is beginning
On Saturday, the boats will set sail on the Brno Reservoir
Reconstruction of tramways
Sparks will fly from the tram rails. DPMB will be grinding down rail corrugation
The fleet of DPMB retro vehicles is growing. The "Sputnik" and a towing car will be added
Connections with bike carriers are heading out into the streets. They will now also be on line 57
A subsidy from IROP has been granted to the transport company. The finances will be used for new buses and electronic informatio
DPMB is not giving up the fight against vandalism. The damages are in the millions every year
The heating in the vehicles underwent a stress test
At the hangars of the DPMB, the ships are preparing to set sail for the springtime operation
Electronic passenger check-in
The temporary workers from ranks of university students have come through. The tram driver course will be open this year as well
The costs for the winter operation of the public city transport have increased by 15% in January
Transport inspection activities in 2016