Press Releases


There will be music in the trams. The Šalina Music Tour is beginning
On Saturday, the boats will set sail on the Brno Reservoir
Reconstruction of tramways
Sparks will fly from the tram rails. DPMB will be grinding down rail corrugation
The fleet of DPMB retro vehicles is growing. The "Sputnik" and a towing car will be added
Connections with bike carriers are heading out into the streets. They will now also be on line 57
A subsidy from IROP has been granted to the transport company. The finances will be used for new buses and electronic informatio
DPMB is not giving up the fight against vandalism. The damages are in the millions every year
The heating in the vehicles underwent a stress test
At the hangars of the DPMB, the ships are preparing to set sail for the springtime operation
Electronic passenger check-in
The temporary workers from ranks of university students have come through. The tram driver course will be open this year as well
The costs for the winter operation of the public city transport have increased by 15% in January
Transport inspection activities in 2016