Painting vehicles / Industrial painting

We offer painting services on DPMB premises at a new painting shop with modern equipment at the central workshops in Medlánky.

The painting cabin is a maximum of 16 x 4.9 x 4.9 metres in size. However, a cabin can be doubled in length by connected 2 painting cabins one after the other. The maximum size of the vehicle being painted is 33 x 3 x 4 metres (l/b/h). The maximum load-bearing capacity of the floor grids is 1,600 kg per tyre track. Various simply-shaped structural parts can also be painted in the cabins subject to agreement, trams, trolley buses, buses and similar vehicles. Meaning industrial painting in particular. Painting is not suitable for passenger cars.

The merits of painting:

  • an individual approach to customers;
  • a combined system of painting materials;
  • new, modern surroundings;
  • the maximum size of the cabin (33 x 4.9 x 4.9 m).

Painting must be ordered by telephone in advance.

Contact address and telephone numbers


DPMB, a. s., is not liable for the movement of customers along the track body on the premises at DPMB, a. s., Medlánky or for damage caused to a vehicle as a result of failure to observe the instructions of staff at the paint shop. The customer is liable in full for damage which it causes to the property of DPMB, a.s., during its time on the premises.