Washing buses

We can wash your company’s buses in the DPMB car washes at the depots in Medlánky and Slatina. The car washes are adapted to be able to wash standard 12 metre, long 15 metre and articulated 18 metre buses. The body or undercarriage can be washed separately or we can wash the whole vehicle (we only wash the vehicle body at the car wash at the depot in Slatina). Buses pass through a fixed washing frame.

Washing can be done at outside temperatures of over -5 °C. The maximum breadth of the bus, including folded-in wing mirrors, is 2.6 metres, the maximum height 3.7 metres (3.6 metres at the depot in Slatina).

Washing procedure:

  • the driver reports to the gatehouse on arrival
  • he/she goes to the car wash and waits for an operator
  • he/she drives the vehicle into the car wash according to the operator’s instructions
  • after the vehicle has been washed, he/she pays the vehicle foreman in cash
  • he/she drives out of the complex immediately after washing

We recommend checking current washing availability by telephone in advance.

The car wash in Medlánky

Telephone contact: 543 172 624
Address: Hudcova 74, Brno - Medlánky

Price list

Prices are stated inclusive of 21 % VAT.

The car wash in Slatina

Telephone contact: 543 176 155 (543 176 133 on non-work days),
car wash operator: 543 176 134
Address: Hviezdoslavova 1a, Brno - Slatina

Price list

Prices are stated inclusive of 21 % VAT.

N.B. :
DPMB, a.s., is not liable for any damage to the wiring or underside of the bus caused by pressurised water when washing the underside of the bus, for damage caused to the vehicle by failing to observe the instructions of the operator or for any damage caused by the brushes as a result of insufficient folding of the wing mirrors and failure to remove decorative accessories. The customer is liable in full for damage which it causes to the property of DPMB, a.s., during its time on the premises.