Lost and found

If you lose:

  1. personal effects on a vehicle operated by Brno Public Transport Authority (DPMB, a.s.) , contact the DPMB Information Office at Novobranská 18 in Brno:
    • by telephone on 5 4317 4317 /extension 2
    • by e-mail at dpmb@dpmb.cz
  2. your non-transferable season ticketclick on this link and enter your surname, first name and date of birth to find out whether your ticket has been found.
    If your non-transferable season ticket has not been found, you can apply for a duplicate. You will find information about the procedure and the terms and conditions involved in obtaining a duplicate by clicking here.

When collecting an item that has been found, the person collecting the item must prove ownership of the item and present proof of identity. Items found on DPMB vehicles are transferred to the Metropolitan Authority of the City of Brno (Magistrát města Brna), tel.: 542 173 012, after one week.
The Metropolitan Authority of the City of Brno publishes items which have been found, including South Moravian Region Integrated Public Transport System ID Cards, on its Official Noticeboard.


Summary of contacts:

Brno Public Transport Authority (DPMB, a. s.) Information Office
Novobranská 18, 
656 46 Brno
Tel.: 5 4317 4317 (extension 2)
E-mail: dpmb@dpmb.cz

Metropolitan Authority of the City of Brno (Magistrát města Brna)
Department of Internal Affairs (Odbor vnitřních věcí)
Malinovského nám. 3,
601 67 Brno
Tel.: 542 173 012