Information for the physically handicapped


  • Passengers holding a ZTP or ZTP/P disability card travel free on regular local public transport routes (plus accompanying person and dog for ZTP/P card holders).
  • Passengers holding a ZTP/P disability card (plus accompanying person and dog) travel free on ships. Passengers holding a ZTP disability card travel at the reduced-fare rate.


As part of reconstruction work, tram stops are being adapted to ensure easy access for passengers in wheelchairs.
Open list of tram stops with barrier-free access

The structural and technical design of certain stops requires that passengers alighting the vehicle step on to the road itself. Passengers with impaired sight must pay particular attention at these stops.
Open list of tram stops where passengers alight on to the road

Some advice for safe travel

  • Don’t rush
    There is a very short time between departures on main lines in particular and it really is sometimes safer and more comfortable to wait for the next tram/bus/trolley bus in peace.
  • Let the driver know about you
    If you know that you will take longer to board a tram than other passengers, give the driver of the arriving tram a sign. He/she is far more likely to notice you in the crowd and will be able to pay more attention to you getting on.
  • Make it easier for yourself to board
    Board vehicles with high-level floor using the doors beside the driver. The driver will know about you if you do so and will be able to help if required. Use the doors in the lowered part of low-level vehicles – there is usually some reserved seating next to these doors. If you need to use a ramp, press the button with the wheelchair sign.
  • Be ready to alight
    If you are slower in alighting a vehicle, use the same signal as used by passengers with a pram (stroller) – this tells the driver that movement by the doors will be more awkward. Do not be afraid to ask another passenger to press the button for you. If you need a ramp, press the button with the wheelchair symbol close to the area intended for wheelchairs.
  • Learn to carry a valid ticket with you
    In doing so, you will avoid any surprises when a ticket inspector comes on board.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! We are here to make sure you arrive at your destination safe and sound.

Tlačítko STOP ve vozidle MHD Tlačítko STOP ve vozidle MHD