The Dopravní podnik města Brna, a.s. Vision and Quality Policy for Transport Services

The vision at Brno Public Transport Authority (DPMB) is to improve the quality of local public transport, to maintain the position held by DPMB within the South Moravian Region Integrated Public Transport System and to provide the public with attractive public transport at European Union standards. Following on from this vision, management at DPMB announced the principles of company policy in relation to the quality of services provided for the local public transport which is part of the South Moravian Region Integrated Public Transport System.

The principles of the quality policy focus on:

- the customer (passenger)

DPMB endeavours to transport the customer/passenger safely, reliably, comfortably and on time and to provide accessibility, whilst at the same time obliging his/her requirements to the maximum. DPMB will provide its services in approved quality standards at a European level, the aim being to maintain continual interest among customers in using local public transport services. DPMB will attend to the high quality of its staff and its technical facilities.

- employees

The most valuable asset at the company is the knowledge and skills of its own employees. For this reason, we will pay continual attention to raising our employees’ level of professionalism and ensuring their personal growth. At the same time, the conditions will be created in which to maintain stable employer-employee relations by providing a good working environment and good conditions in which to work.

- the owner (Corporate City of Brno)

DPMB ensures the optimum transport service within the area in relation to the contractual submission of requirements, whilst effectively using resources and adhering to the principles of the transport policy of the Corporate City of Brno. By providing a high standard of transport services, DPMB will increase the attractiveness of the Corporate City of Brno. DPMB will respond flexibly to extraordinary transport requirements in the case of events that require transportation for a large number of passengers.

- suppliers

The quality of local public transport is closely connected to the quality of services provided by suppliers. DPMB will therefore place high demands on the quality of materials and services provided. For this reason, certified suppliers that comply with all other requirements on supplies will be preferred. DPMB will regularly evaluate all suppliers, with the aim of stabilising the number of suppliers and creating long-term supplier-customer relations.

- the company (DPMB)

DPMB undertakes to comply with the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 and ČSN EN 13816:2003 standards. To this end, it will introduce and maintain a system of quality management and principles of ensuring continual improvement of all processes that influence the quality of the services provided. Control processes are in place at DPMB for all activities which influence our ability to satisfy customer requirements. DPMB undertakes to carry out all activities in accordance with the relevant legislative requirements.


Brno, 1.8.2011

  Ing. Miloš Havránek
Director General