Quality management system

according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 standard


Auditors from certification company CERTLINE again visited the premises of DPMB at the beginning of December 2015. Their task was to ascertain whether the transport authority adheres to all principles of quality management laid down in the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 standard and whether all processes of quality management required by this standard are routinely applied at the company. Auditors concentrate on all activity at DPMB, given that alongside the company’s main activity of transporting passengers, for which it has been certified since 2006, the transport authority also has all building activity associated with tram tracks, overhead lines and power supply systems and repairs of local public transport vehicles incorporated within its quality management system.

The standard mentioned above specifies requirements on the quality management system such that the organisation proved its ability to continually provide a product that complies with the requirements of the customer and the relevant requirements of legislative regulations. At the same time, the certified organisation must be able to increase customer satisfaction by effectively applying the system and processes to ensure its continual improvement. Auditors did not find any discrepancies in the system at DPMB and were able to confirm at the end of the audit that the company complies with all requirements for a certificate to be re-awarded for a further 3 years.

A certificate itself, of course, does not ensure quality. The employee with whose work the customer comes into contact is always the one who has the final say on how the customer feels. A certificate, however, confirms the fact that there are functioning processes in place at the company which focus on the customer and on quality and that all problems can be solved in such a way as to prevent a repeat of similar mistakes. It also confirms that the company has created a system of communication with customers so that no complaint, no suggestion and no remark is swept under the carpet and that the customer always receives an adequate response.

Problem situations have arisen in the past and, in light of the traffic conditions in the city, will certainly arise again in the future. It is entirely unrealistic to expect something to be done 100 % error-free all of the time, particularly if the world continues to come up with new technology, new methods and new procedures. Errors which our employees are responsible for or problems caused by outside influences keep us on our toes and we always try to do everything possible to ensure that the impact they have on you, the passengers, is as low as possible. We believe that in spite of occasional transport complications, you see yourselves that Brno has a quality, safe local public transport system that is comparable with those in the Czech Republic and abroad. We can promise you that we will continue our efforts to make it even better within the bounds of possibility.


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