Instructions for use

How to purchase an SMS ticket

  1. a) By sending an SMS

  2. The passenger writes a text message as follows:

    • BRNO20 for a ticket for CZK 20 valid for 20 minutes
    • BRNO for a ticket for CZK 29 valid for 75 minutes
    • BRNOD for a ticket for CZK 99 valid for 24 hours
    • He/she sends the text to the telephone number 90206
    • The passenger receives his/her SMS ticket around 2 minutes after sending the SMS

    The passenger pays for the SMS used to order the SMS ticket according to the tariff they have with their mobile operator.

  3. b) By using the Sejf mobile application

  4. You can find the exact instructions here and at the website www.sejf.cz. When purchasing a ticket using this service, you do not need a SIM card issued by a Czech mobile operator.

Passengers may only enter a vehicle after they have received a valid SMS ticket on their mobile communication device. If a passenger does not receive an SMS ticket on their mobile communication device, they must purchase a different ticket for travel. Otherwise they will be considered a passenger without a valid ticket. Passengers have the right to file a complaint about a non-delivered SMS ticket.